After confessing the mistake, the tech giant Microsft ensured that from now they will not push force updates to its users ever. Hence, the tech giant Microsoft ensured that they will fix its Windows 10 notification problem. So, the Windows users can easily say No to Windows 10 update.

Finally, Microsoft Will Easily Allow You To Say “No” To Windows 10 Update

The tech giant Microsoft confessed its mistake? In early May, the publisher changed its Windows 10 notification message. What this popup is? It is the Windows 10 update notification from Microsofts which encouraging Windows 7 and 8.1 users to migrate Windows 10.

As this notification is far from clear, hence, user have to first click on the close button of the window for consent. Furthermore, the option to refuse the upgrade could be considered too inconspicuous.

But, finally, the tech giant Microsoft will fix its Windows 10 notification problem. As the new format will be broadcast from this week. But above all, the representatives of the publisher also ensures that the message will be now more readable and simple. So, it will help users more easily to approve or decline the Windows 10 update and this time the tech giant Microsoft has ensured the critics that closing cross of pop-up will no longer trigger the planning update.

Say No To Windows 10 Update
Say No To Windows 10 Update

The head of the Windows division, Terry Myerson officially commented that “Our most important priority for Windows 10 is that everyone likes Windows”. A recognition that the methods used so far have proven to be against-productive?

However, the leader stated detailed clarification, “The new version of the notification will present “clear options to mount version now, plan or decline the free offer” regarding the confusion for some customers.

The tech giant Microsoft also confirmed that it will also provide free support for the users who face difficulties in the update, including the support to switch back to the original version of Windows.

Of course, the tech giant Microsoft does not change the course and still continues to recommend its users to migrate to Windows 10, which the tech giant Microsoft presented as the most secure version of Windows, and preferably before the end of free (after July 29).

As the latest version of Windows OS is free or not, effective or not, the decision of migration should anyway always return fully to the user and be the result of a free and informed consent to the extent possible.