Foxconn Manager Steals Nearly 6000 iPhones
Foxconn Manager Steals Nearly 6000 iPhones

Former Senior manager of Foxconn, Tsai was accused of stealing and selling nearly 6000 units of iPhone 5 & 5s in China. He was sentenced 10 years in prison.

Foxconn Manager Steals Nearly 6000 iPhones

The actions and behavior of any employee of any company should always remain within the parameters of strict judgment, because what is done by the person could end up affecting the corporation for which they work.

A case that is drawing attention, is released this Friday, in which a former senior manager of Foxconn, one of the assemblies of technological equipment in the world and a major supplier of largest technology, was allegedly charged with theft.

According to a report in Asia One, Tsai (only the last name was given) who is the former senior manager of the testing department in Taiwanese technology, was accused of stealing and selling 5,700 units of iPhone 5 and 5s in China, with an estimated amount at 1.56 million.

The problem is that the stolen units belong to special series specifically manufactured for the test object and therefore were not intended for sale. However, Foxconn could know about the theft thanks to an internal audit.

Although the company immediately accused Tsai and in no-time Taiwanese authorities arrested him, the former manager was only a few hours in prison. Later he was released after posting bail, according to reports. However, he was found guilty and was sentenced 10 years in prison, but the verdict has not decided the amount of fine he will have to pay for stealing that many iPhones.

The case is a risk to the credibility and confidence of Foxconn, as it is one of the largest contractors in terms of assembly devices for major brands in the world, currently, works for the Apple and other companies like Sony.

We have already talked about how the misconduct by executives or members of any major corporation ends up affecting the brand. Last July report the case of Roger Ailes, former CEO of Fox News, who had to resign after a sexual harassment complaint, or the resignation of Joseph Blatter, FIFA president, involved in a network of corruption within the organization and more recently the dismissal of former CEO of Wells Fargo after the scandal of millions of fake accounts.