Today Friday Activist Hacking Group Anonymous Declare 'ISIS Trolling Day'
Today Friday Activist Hacking Group Anonymous Declare 'ISIS Trolling Day'

InShortViral: Just in Activist group Anonymous declare Troll Day For ISIS Members on every social media platform on Friday 11. Be a Part Of Anonymous

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust in hacking group Anonymous declare this Friday, December 11, a Trolling Day against ISIS militant group, this is being done for the revenge of innocent mass killing Paris attacks, the so-called Islamic Group will be Trolled in this Day Friday 11, so Be a part of it, just support Anonymous and support yourself as well.

Anonymous published an online message asking people to tease ISIS or Daesh which is a disrespectful moniker of the group, Anonymous previously started war against ISIS after the name of ‘OpParis’ soon after Anonymous join the war another hacking team in the world also started supporting this hacker including Ghost Secret Group (GSG), other individual people also started cyber war against ISIS militant, Anonymous asked followers and other hacking Activist group to remain in the field of ‘Operation ISIS’

Today Activist Group Anonymous Declare ‘ISIS Trolling Day’

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Anonymous open letter: “We asked you show up your anger against ISIS and join us to defeat ISIS militant group, Trolling them teasing them and mostly make them suffer of what they have done to this beautiful world, you don’t need to be a part of Anonymous, there are no personal skills needed to work with Anonymous, anyone can do this just follow Anonymous on 11th of December.”

“Follow us from Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – YouTube, you can take participation from all this you prefer better for communication” the post on file-sharing site Ghostbin.

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How can it be done, does trolling makes sense? yes Trolling means making them feel guilty and abusing them that what are they and what are they doing, the online threats sharing by the public with a Hashtags “#trollsISIS” in Twitter it is asked to follow #Daesh and #Daeshbags with making pictures showing how funny they are with Charlie Hebdo cartoon to teased them,

Funny things done by public converts to a tactic of online war with so-called ISIS, the trolling tactics will help Anonymous for the reaction or activity of ISIS members to find out their locations, Anonymous asking public to share or post goats to ISIS members with a caption talking about their wives and provoking them to do unusual activity to track them down.

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Not only Anonymous have done this action against ISIS but also another hacktivist group such as GSG and individual hackers involved in this trolling, the only reason of all this because of the day unforgettable November 13th when ISIS militants killed 130 people in Paris as a mass calling activity. And from that all people including Hackers all around the world vowed to take down ISIS overall group from Islamist State.

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Russian, France and America have launched Air strikes over Syria and Iraq, Russian also does the same thing by the Turkish government shot down one of the jet of Russia claiming that entering into their air space.

So stay in touch with Anonymous Group in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, to share your trolls and get proper instruction that how to tackle ISIS.