Do You remember YouTube channel Phone Buff, who very often posts videos performing various smartphone stunts? Recently, the well-known YouTube channel Phone Buff has given new meaning to the term ‘Drop Test’ by dropping the expensive flagship smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9+ and iPhone X.

VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Apple iPhone X Extreme Drop Test

We do not tired of seeing how the two most desired motives of the moment are developed in the most adverse conditions, which are not other than those of falls to the ground from different heights. That is precisely what this new video shows us, with strength test Samsung Galaxy S9+ versus iPhone X.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ in front of the iPhone X holding bumps again

Today we echo this video test of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ against the iPhone X, because they have already become a classic, and because it is specifically Phone Buff allows us to compare the result with other top of the range of the last months that have passed exactly the same test. On this occasion, they face the two mobile phones of Apple and Samsung. And once again the main handicap for both is the crystal coating with which their bodies count.

Beginning with the fall with the screen upside down, undoubtedly the most feared by users, we can see that the Samsung Galaxy S9+ does not suffer any damage and that its panel, despite being curved, is not broken at any time. Something that does happen to the iPhone X, which sees how its glass has broken in the upper left, although it is still fully functional. When we move to the bonus phase, where both mobiles are launched from a higher height, and “deadly” need for any other mobile, it shows an important difference between the two terminals.

Because we can see how after five crashes, the screen of the iPhone X is practically useless, not only because the glass is broken, but because the touch panel practically does not respond, making it almost impossible to manipulate it. In contrast, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9+, after ten falls, is still fully functional. Although yes, some elements such as the front camera do not work properly. But as in previous models of the Korean giant, resistance to shock is one of the strengths of their mobiles. Something that is demonstrated again in this test.

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