Some of the world’s largest Internet companies like Google and Facebook both are working quietly on a system which will automatically remove the extremist videos from their sites.

Google And Facebook To Block Extremist Videos Automatically

According to the sources from Reuters would include the tech giant companies Facebook and Google are busy nowadays, as the companies are developing a system that will block quickly new online videos from the terror group Islamic State.

The technique used shall be existed longer to detect copyrighted videos easily. With so-called “hashes” to recognize a sort of digital fingerprint, as the YouTube videos can be removed and which possibly violated the rights. For example videos of beheadings, or videos with instructions for making bombs that have been previously removed, can then be detected automatically.

Extremist videos that have not been shared previously can also be recognized by the system, but will not be achieved automatically offline. Achieving this will require the intervention of an employee, but that is no longer solely dependent on users to manually report an extremist video.

With this system both the tech giant companies can also remove the videos that have been removed previously to be found quickly if someone else tries to secretly place again. But, the companies do not want to confirm that they are working on setting up such a system. As the sources spoke to the Reuters, hence, also do not want to tell people how much work there is involved in.

Large tech companies would be happy with such a system. Not only because it saves a lot of handiwork of the people who need to see this kind of things, even as governments also put pressure on those companies. In late April US President Barack Obama met with the bosses of Internet companies like YouTube , Twitter and Facebook to discuss the banning of terrorist videos and making the Internet safer.

Moreover, the step of the tech companies is a sensitive issue, because of the freedom of expression on the Internet. However, they are not wanting to give much publicity because they fear that terrorists will find ways to manipulate the system and that the authorities will exploit to commit censorship.

Tushar Subhra Dutta
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