As per the latest reports, Google is now bringing Lens to its Desktop web in Google Photos. Google Lens is the AI-powered image recognition technology that is designed to bring up relevant information. However, on Android Google Lens is available in Image Search, and Photos.

Google Lens Rolled out on Desktop with OCR Support

Google Lens is now available to desktop web

As of now, Google Lens lets the user to copy texts from an image via optical character recognition (OCR). It works like this, go to Goole Photos on your desktop and open any image that has text on it, there at the top left corner you will see an option of “Copy text from image” with a logo of google Lens. Click on this option and the image starts analyzing what’s on Android. Once, it finishes analyzing, all the content will be shown in a new window on the right side. The text is selected already selected click on the “Copy text” button and it helps you to copy the important stuff from the image. If you want, you can select or deselect the parts.

Right now, the desktop version of Google Lens does not allow much functionality. Now, it doesn’t recognize people, monuments, plants, or other things like mobile service. As of now, you can only copy the text from the image.

Google Lens service was only exclusive to Android phones, and now Google has expanded it to the desktop web with some new features adding in the feature updates.

According to 9to5Google Google Lens with OCR for desktop is rolling out widely. Is it available for you or not, you can check it out by visiting Open this site and try to open an image that has some text on it.

Google Photos on Android is already having OCR capability for copying the text from the images. This is the first time that Google Lens is expanded beyond mobile. On Android, when you use Google Image Search the lens is available, while on Chrome mobile you can hold down on any image for quick analysis.



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