According to the various reliable sources and reports, the tech giant Google and Microsoft will soon implement new measures in order to ban all the Torrent site links and other websites that host pirated content simply to slow down the piracy.

Google And Microsoft Agree To Crackdown On Illegal Downloads

The pages of torrents, the websites of online series and, in short, all sites that host pirated content are numbered in Google. The Mountain View giant has announced that neither its search results nor those of Bing (the Microsoft search engine) will highlight from this year pages containing content protected by copyright. The move will start in the UK first.

As it has been rumored for some days that the tech giant Google will simply block the torrents search results and some search related content protected by copyright to all the users that make from the United Kingdom. The blocking will be effective for the first few pages of Google results, and will also be a constraint on the keyword suggestions that the search engine automatically makes.

In an unprecedented deal signed by what are undoubtedly the two largest technology companies in the world (Google and Microsoft), the UK Government has managed to move forward a measure that large entertainment content producers have been demanding for years. For these companies, the tech giant Google has eliminated more than 900 million links with pirated content during the past year 2016 which has not been enough.

Not even the option to remove links claimed by copyright has been able to satisfy the appetite of the producers who are fighting against piracy, and what they have finally achieved – so far only in the United Kingdom – as the tech giant Google will simply delete the pages by a stroke which in the past have been labeled as “pirates”. From now on, websites that have re-committed sharing illegal content will simply disappear from the first page of results.

The idea of this measure is none other than to encourage the results of legal pages in the searches of movies, series and music within Google and Bing. What authorities want to achieve in the UK is that services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or even Spotify appear above pages of the likes of Kickass Torrents.

To ensure that, the tech giant Google and Microsoft comply with the law in the United Kingdom (a law to which both companies have submitted voluntarily), there will be the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to review in detail the links that appear in the search engine during the next months. The measure will be launched starting this February, and the goal is to reduce the visibility of copyright-protected links.


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