Alphabet’s Google Inc has just unveiled a new personal assistant known as Google Home, a strong reply to Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant along with the new messaging and virtual reality products at its annual I/O developer conference on Wednesday, which on multiplying down its artificial intelligence (AI) and the system learning as the root to its future.

According to the multinational conglomerate Alphabet’s Google Inc, the new personal assistant is just a pint-sized speaker and microphone combination designed to relax in a room and reply to its owner’s every command, like answering questions to checking the weather.

Google Introduced A New Personal Assistant

As the CEO of the multinational conglomerate Alphabet’s Google Inc, Mr. Sundar Pichai, said, “The new Google Home personal assistant connects to WiFi and can control other connected appliances, as computing is evolving beyond phones, and people are using it in context across many scenarios, be it in their television, be it in their car, be it something they wear on their wrist or even something much more immersive”.

The CEO, Mr. Sundar Pichai, added: “The new Google Assistant software will also be able to offer proactive suggestions such as restaurant or movie recommendations as users have text message conversations or interact with Google services directly”.

Moreover, the multinational conglomerate Alphabet’s Google Inc has also announced a new messaging service that will compete with the giant social media Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger products. Hence, it will feature a chatbot that will be powered by Google Assistant and will be known as Allo.

Hence, Google also mentioned the part of the encryption and the expected release; the multinational conglomerate Alphabet’s Google Inc said: “like WhatsApp, Allo will also have end-to-end encryption when it is rolled out this summer”.


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