Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 Plus: Results Will Surprise You!!
Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 Plus: Results Will Surprise You!!

Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus compete in real world speed test and comes with some surprising results. Watch out the video!

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 Plus: Results Will Surprise You!!

Samsung permanently suspended the production of Galaxy Note 7. Now we have recently seen a survey which says 40% of current Samsung users will never buy another smartphone from Samsung.

Note 7 was undoubtedly the only good option until Google’s Pixel arrived and the withdrawal of Galaxy Note 7 from market somehow boosted the sale of Google Pixel in Android market.

If we talk about Apple products, then iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the fastest and most powerful smartphones in the world. On the other hand, Google launched its first self-branded smartphones earlier this month and the Pixel series are in direct competition with Apple’s latest iPhone models.

You might have seen various speed test which showed iPhone coming out on top against almost every Android devices in terms of performance, Real-time usage etc. However, according to a YouTuber Safwan Ahmedmia, Google’s pixel is strong enough to compete with latest iPhone flagship.

The speed test video uploaded by SuperSaf shows that Google Pixel was able to match the speed of iPhone when it came to launching apps which demand lower RAM like Twitter, YouTube, Calculator. Google pixel seems faster to launch the camera compared to iPhone in standby mode.

Google Pixel came second when SuperSaf tried to open more demanding tasks like launching high-end games on both iPhone and Pixel. The second video from SuperSaf shows the speed of fingerprint scanner in which Google Pixel wins the race against Apple’s flagship.

Google Pixel smartphones were the first devices from Google and if Google continues on this path then Apple might find Google as a new and tough competitor.