Google starts testing balloon powered high speed internet service known as “Project Loon” in Sri Lanka on Monday. The Google’s Balloon made first debut in Sri Lankan Airspace.

Google ‘Project Loon’ Balloon Makes Debut In Sri Lanka for Internet Tests

Information and communication Technology Agency Chief Muhanthan Canagey said that one of three balloons that were used in the trials entered in Sri Lanka airspace. “The first balloon entered our airspace this morning. It was launched from South America.” Canagey told AFP. “It is currently over southern Sri Lanka.”

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The government  earlier announced that it would take a 25% stake in joint venture with Google to make a high speed internet service  powered by helium filled balloons.

A further 10% of the joint venture would be offered to existing telephone service providers on the island. Sri lanka is not investing any capital post in return for allot spectrum for the project.

According to Sri Lankan officials involved in the venture said that, once in atmosphere the balloons, will be twice as high as commercial airliners and are visible to the naked eye. The balloon will have about 180 days of lifespan and can be also recycled.

Once the balloon project is up and running service providers will be able to access to improve their high speeds and existing services .

According to officials there are 3.3 million mobile Internet connections and 63,000 fixed internet subscribers among Sri Lanka’s total 20 million population.

Sri-Lanka was the first country to launch 4G service network two years ago. It became the first country in South Asia to launch mobile phones in 1989 and the first to introduce 3G network in 2004.

So, this is all about the Google’s Balloon which will provide Internet. This Project made debut in Sri Lankan Air space on Monday. Liked this article, feel free to share it !


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