Pakistani Intelligence agency ISI is using a malicious application to tap smartphones of military personnel and to spy on the huge Indian army.

Google Removed SmeshApp From Play Store Which Was Used By ISI To Spy On Indian Army

[dropcap]According[/dropcap] to the CNN and IBN, Google has removed malicious “SmeshApp” from the Play Store which was allegedly being used by Pakistan Intelligence agencies to spy on the huge Indian army and also to acquire essential information related to the Indian army and its counter-terrorism operations.

According to the reports, this SmeshApp not only steals information about the soldiers activities, as it was also found stealing information including one’s movements, such as phone calls, messages, and even photographs.

How SmeshApp work?

SmeshApp is nothing more than a clone or mix version of WhatsApp or Telegram. So, when you install this app and accept all its terms, this app grant access to third parties which allow them access to your private data stored on your phone or computer. The information collected was saved on a server which is located in Germany and hosted by an unknown person who is expected to be from Karachi.

The investigation revealed the direct involvement of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) behind this cyber threat, ISI was using the app to spy on the army through the smartphone of military staffs. SmeshApp was aimed at all the three services of the armed forces of India, “Army, Navy and Air Force”. However, the investigation also revealed that SmeshApp is responsible for the Pathankot Terror Attack in January 2016.

Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI) also used Facebook to create several fake accounts to attract Indian Army personnel, so that they can acquire as much information as possible. As per the new guidelines, that any Army man can use WhatsApp account with their individual name, but, without revealing their original identity.


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