Many users of the tech giant Google’s search engine, Gmail and Chrome browser will start receiving notices from Google about the new option this week. As the tech giant, Google launched a new Ad settings tool which let its users manage ads and personal data.

Google’s New Ad Settings Tool Let Users Manage Ads And Personal Data

As we all know that the business model of the Google is to sell advertising and it is the main source of income and livelihood. So, the tech giant Google adjusted to provide user profile ad which is a main priority for the company.

Now the tech giant Google will leave the customization part of your advertising in your hands with its new tool which Google has launched recently. But it comes with an (optional) expansion of Google’s advertising personalization.

How to access the ad settings control panel?
To access the new ad settings control panel from your Google account settings, just follow the guidelines. As it appears as a section when you enter the Control Panel of your account from your Internet browser. There you can enable or disable the personalization of advertising searches in Google . If you turn off the ads that appear while surfing will have nothing to do with your preferences.

Another option that provides the new tool of Google is to add a number of personal interests. Hopefully as those marques, advertising focus more on themselves and less on other topics listed more or less random and it is here that most fits customizing Google advertising.

With this new configuration option, Google wants to give its users an option to take some control of their privacy. As you can turn off the ads personalization or keep it on, but nothing will prevent advertisers to use the browser cookies to show advertising based on searches that you’ve made.

Another recent announcement by the tech giant Google communicated that it will start showing advertising in image search results. Hence, we all know that private browsing is really complicated today. So, privacy is a growing concern among a large number of users, led by the American computer professional Edward Snowden.

Many of them are emancipated from Google using the private servers, browsers like Tor Browser and Linux distros as Tails. It is a battle that Google seems to have won in advance, but at least now you can customize the advertising.