Hackers Hacked 7 Indian Embassies Websites, Data Dumped Online
Hackers Hacked 7 Indian Embassies Websites, Data Dumped Online

Two Hackers allegedly from the Netherlands hacked seven Indian High Commission websites and published data online.

Hackers Hacked 7 Indian Embassies Websites, Data Dumped Online

There were lots of hacking stuff making the rounds on the internet. We have recently seen Pakistani hackers claimed to have hacked more than 7,000 Indian websites after India launched a series of attacks on terror camps in Pakistan.

In reply, Indians have also hacked and locked Pakistani government websites. Now two hackers with Twitter names Kapustkiy and Kasimierz L dumped the database on Pastebin.com

The hackers allegedly from Netherlands claimed that they have successfully broken into seven Indian High commission websites. As per media reported on Monday, Hackers had published the login details, passwords, and database which contains names, passport numbers, Email id’s and phone number have been published online.

According to tech.firstpost one of the hacker told E hacking News in an email “I am from the Netherlands. I’ve found several SQL on their websites and I reported it. But they ignored me so I dumped there db [database],”

Hackers leaked details of 1161 Indians living in South Africa, 145 in Italy, 305 in Libya, 35 in Switzerland, 74 in Malawi, 14 in Mali and 42 in Romania. Vikas Swarup who is external affairs ministry spokesperson said Hindustan Times “We are aware of the issue and we are fixing it”

One of the hackers whose name is Kapustkiy told Hindustan Times “We did it because their security was poor and as the Indian Embassy they need to have better security” The hacker further claimed that “The websites have a SQL vulnerability. Even a six-year-old could breach it,”

Hackers claimed themselves “Grey Hats” and they also claimed to be under the age of 18 and from the Netherlands. They mentioned that the hacking attempt was to inform the administrators about serious vulnerabilities on their websites.

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