You may be familiar with the recent Bangladesh Bank theft in which the hackers managed to steal $81 million instead of pre-planned $1 billion. This heist is marked as most expensive theft in banking sector. Investigators have spotted the proof of unidentified hacking groups which hail from North Korea, Pakistan and one location was from the targeted bank.

Hackers From Pakistan and North Korea Behind $81 Million Bangladesh Bank Theft

Investigators analysing the cyber theft of $81 million from Bangladesh’s central bank have found evidence of unidentified hacking groups from North Korea, Pakistan and including one place from the targeted bank’s network according to Bloomberg, quoting two people instructed on the progression of the bank’s investigation.

The bank hired FireEye Inc, to conduct the forensic investigation and discovered digital fingerprints of the hacking groups, according to the people familiar with this issue.

However, third group involved in bank heist continue remains unknown as its country of origin is not known, according to Bloomberg.

However, the identity of the group remains a mystery. It is one of the largest cyber heists in the history. The hackers targeted global financial system, they apparently used the Swift interbank messaging system to transfer cash into fake accounts in the Philippines but they were refrained from completing the target of $951 ($1 Billion), however they managed to get $81 million from the bank.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation claims that third suspect is apparently an insider with access to the computers at the Bangladesh central bank which played vital role in the heist, according to the people. However Bangladesh said they have found carelessness with the bank but it hasn’t yet discovered whether there was any criminal target.

Earlier, it was revealed that the bank used low cost network switches which are available at just $10, which is a device to connect to the SWIFT network. Surprisingly, it didn’t even have a firewall to protect its systems.

To recall, hackers tried to loot $1 Billion Dollars from Bangladesh Bank, but the Hackers misspelled “foundation” in the NGO’s name as “fandation”. This small mistake alerted the bank officials, as German Based Deutsche Bank looked for clarification from the Bangladeshi Bank, which stopped the transaction says official.

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