Here is How To Make Your Phone Spy-Proof With Edward Snowden
Here is How To Make Your Phone Spy-Proof With Edward Snowden

Edward Joseph Snowden is an American computer professional, former Intelligence agency [CIA] employee and former contractor for the US government who copied and circulated information from the National Security Agency [NSA] in 2013 without prior permission.

Presently Snowden is seen supporting services that offer users with a secure communications platform. He has now disclosed how to make your phone spy proof with Edward Snowden.

So, this is literally a preview of an upcoming episode of Vice in which Edward Snowden seated down to instruct us all how we can “go black” with our smartphone, meaning to safeguard that we are not spied via our cellphones or even government agencies.

However, there is now “escaping” software based exploits, in fact malware which is common in Android devices. It is apparently possible for anyone to spy on you by hearing via your device’s microphone or simply watching you through its camera.

In order to get rid of rid of easy spying, Snowden has revealed a fix for it which is quite extreme and will need some hardware skills. In the video, he is seen physically removing smartphone’s microphone and cameras in order to make it “go black.”

Although you can’t capture photo or video without a camera, however you can still make and receive calls even if the internal microphone is removed from the phone. You just need to insert headset that possesses a microphone and you are set to make and receive calls.

You must keep in mind that doing the above procedure will not secure you against someone breaking into the device and or protecting your vital files and information that you may be having in your device, they are not secure unless you disable the Bluetooth, Internet in order to combat that threat.

However, this procedure may not be applicable to most of us, as the US government and NSA is not following us like it was behind Snowden. If you want to really secure your smartphone, then these are few steps you need to follow.


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