Here are the top and best high-paying PPC/CPC Networks (PPC means Pay-Per-Click & CPC means Cost-Per-Click).

Every webmaster or blogger who dreams to make money from their websites or blogs.  If you have a website or blogs want to make money use PPC/CPC Networks, PPC is one of the most useful and effective way to earn revenue for your online content. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) method is very popular and mostly webmasters use these networks to make money from their own websites or blogs.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the mainstream ways for webmasters, bloggers and website owners to earn money from their websites. Monetizing a blog or website with direct advertising can be hard at times and that’s when PPC ads become the best alternative.

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Top Best High Paying PPC/CPC Networks

If you have a blog or website with healty visitors daily and you want to monetize your website then read this post with full attention becuase i’m going to tell you top  high paying best ads networks that pay high money on the basis of PPC(pay-per-click) & CPC(cost-per-click).

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1) Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best high paying PPC/CPC Network in the world. If you have a website or blog that complete the criteria of Google Adsense then monitize your website/blog with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the great source of online earning from their websites or blogs. In short words, Google Adsense is Bid based CPC and RPM networks and their are lots of advertisers bases on the niche of websites.

Google Adsense is the great ad network offers to high CPC rates and show ads related to the content which increases the CTR rates and helps to earn more and more revenue. Google Adsense CPC rates varies between the range of $0.02 – $15 depends upon the visitors.

  1. Getting Google Adsense Approval is too Difficult.
  2. Highest CPC Rates as compare to others.
  3. Show Targeted Ads for particular Pages on the bases of Relevant and Irrelevant.
  4. Minimum Payout: $100  via check or wired transfer.

2) Infolinks

Infolinks is the great Ad Network that provides money on the basis on PPC. Infolinks Ad Network monetize your blog or website for making good money. Infolinks show targeted ads for any relevant keyword from you content. If you have a website or blog then you need to apply Infolinks ads and within 24 hours you will be approved. Lots of blogger or webmasters use infolinks to monetize their blogs, the installation is very easy with code script added before the closing body tag of your website and if you are using  then install plugin for Infolinks installation.

  1. Getting Approval is too much easy. Only few sites get disapprove.
  2. In-text ads, Search ads or Tag cloud Instead banner ads.
  3. Minimum Payout: $50 via PayPal or wire transfer.

3) Media.Net

Media.Net is the PPC advertising network and best alternative Google Adsense. Media.Net ads is the high paying PPC/CPC network. Media.Net Ads is the combined form of Yahoo and Bing. Many of webmasters and bloggers thinks that Media.Net Ads is very great competitor for Google Adsense. Many bloggers and webmasters who can’t get Google Adsense, use Media.Net Ads to monetize their websites or blogs.

  1. Getting Approval For Media.Net easy as compare to Google Adsense.
  2. You can use Google Adsense and Media.Net on same website to earn more revenue.
  3. You will only get Approval if you site have High qualify content and Traffic from the reason like US/ UK/Canada.
  4. Show well targeted ads for particular pages.
  5. Minimum Payout: $250 via PayPal or Wire Transfer

4) Chitika

Chitika is also very popular high paying PPC/CPC Ads Network. In these days Chitika offers very high CPC rate if you receiving healty visitors daily. I suggest you to use Chitika Ads Network, if you receiving heavy traffic on your blogs or websites. Chitika Ads offers different types of Ads like popup ads and many more. Lots of bloggers or webmasters use this Chitika PPC/CPC Ads Network to earn money. Chitika Offers high CPC rates as compare to others but little bit low as compare to Google Adsense. But instead of others it is also good Adsense alternative.

  1. Their is no Particular Requirement for Approval (they Accept small site and blogs also)
  2. You can show Chitika with Google Adsense or Media.Net also.
  3. Site required Search Engine Traffic to Earn Revenue.
  4. Minimum Payout: $10 via PayPal and $50 via Checks.

5) Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is very old but high paying PPC/CPC Ads Newtwork. Some bloggers or Webmasters can’t have approved Google Adsense ads Network, then they use this type of PPC/CPC network. If you have websites or blogs join Bidvertiser PPC/CPC Network, there are no much requirements of Bidvertiser. It CPC rates are not too much high Because they don’t have too many advertiser So their is no comparison with Adsense. Its CPC rates vary from approx 0.02 to $2.

  1. Getting Approval Process is Fast. I think no one get disapprove.
  2. Minimum Payout: $10 via PayPal or Checks.

Other 5 High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Networks

Hey guys, in the above section i expained about best high paying PPC/CPC sites accordind to me. In my sense these above sites are best and user friendly, but if you are not satisfied with above site you can also try below sites :-

6 TribalFusion

7 Sitescout

8 Clicksor

9 Exit Junction

10 Kontera

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I try to cover High Paying PPC/CPC Ad Networks here but If you know any other Source that you might think to be added to this post, Kindly Share it with us in our comments section below.


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