The history of gaming is one that spans across eight generations and goes as far back as the 1970s. Throughout this time the gaming industry has seen both highs and lows – such as the Great Video Game Crash in 1983. The market became so oversaturated with knock-off versions of major releases; due to many companies trying to gain a foothold in the industry, and consumers began to lose interest due to the lack of quality control, which resulted in a pretty dramatic decline in video game sales. The industry managed to re-gain momentum as it progressed further into the third generation of gaming.

Fast forward to today and we are currently transitioning from eighth generation gaming to the ninth generation. Technology is now the most advanced it has ever been and with an estimated 2 billion people playing games, rightly so.

The gaming industry is now booming on a world-wide scale, people are playing games of such calibre they often find themselves on the borderline of realism, esports has taken off and is giving people the opportunity to make competitive gaming a full-time career and virtual reality (VR) is allowing people to enter worlds they could have only dreamed of.

Over 40 years of gaming has passed, making it easy to forget just how many milestones have been hit along the way. Online gaming retailer Fanatical have created an infographic that details the history of gaming and some of its key points over the years.

A History of Gaming
Provided by Fanatical

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