Ever wondered how long hackers will take to crack your password? This Website shows how long it would take for a hacker to crack your password

This Website Shows How Long It Would Take For a Hacker To Crack Your Password

Almost every internet user has online accounts. Today more than billions of users are using different online accounts. Whether it is any social networking account or any other banking related account. We always need a password or any type of PIN type authentication to secure it. But many time users set a very simple password for their accounts which can be easily cracked by attackers.

According to an interactive website from BetterBuys, if you have a password as simple as “12345” or “password” it would take hacker just .29 milliseconds to crack it. This website uses the data benchmarks from Intel and password cracking tool John the Ripper to give an eye-opening view for users who are wondering they have a strong password.

Hackers can use some software tools like John the Ripper or other tools which offer dictionary attack to crack any password. However, John the ripper uses “Brute force method” to attack passwords. John the Ripper tries different phrases, words, and letters over a period of time until it gets it right.

Now if you visit the site it will show you an infographic which lists the amount of time it takes to crack the password based on characters. It shows 7 characters would be cracked in .29 milliseconds whereas 12 characters will take 2 centuries to crack.


Kurt Muhl, an ethical hacker with RedTeam Security said “That is the first thing that we try to go after. The longer your passwords could possibly be, The more guesses it’s gonna take for me to get it right.”

You can check out how long it would take for a hacker to break your password by visiting the free tool at the website here.