Being an entertainment lover, we often face downloading videos or songs from some popular websites like Facebook, YouTube or DailyMotion, and other sites. It often disappoints users when they can’t download their favorite videos or songs. Still, now it is possible to download almost every video or music as there are lots of software that can easily help you.

Today, we’ll give you a brief review of InsTube, a tool with which you can download videos/songs from numerous websites. So, let’s have a quick overview of its features.

Methods to Download Music for Free

InsTube is a leading video and music downloader app for Android. It allows the users to download music or video from some popular platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others. The app is straightforward to use as a user cannot go through any sign-up process. You need to download the app and start using Instube to download online media.

Apart from Instube’s downloading capability, it also has a video locker option, allowing you to make private storage space on your device, which helps you secure your personal data at the specified location. Besides that, you can convert videos from YouTube into MP3 format. Amazingly, you can also secure your downloaded videos with a password.

The supported formats include 3GP, MP3, MP4 & M4A video formats. However, the app is not available on any official application stores like Google Play. Also, this app is not yet developed for the iOS platform. A user is supposed to download the app from their website directly.

Institute is not available on Google Play as it doesn’t meet the policies of Google PlayStore. However, you can get the APK of InsTube from its official website.

InsTube got an amazing response after few days after its launch because of its flexibility. It is among the best music and video downloaders. It comes with mind-blowing features.

This app packs some useful features that make it an astonishing app for downloading media from popular websites. So, we’ve listed some features you can consider before downloading this app.

Available for free

The first and foremost feature of the InsTube is that it is available for free to download. You can download it by visiting their official website to get the APK file, and then you can install it on your device. Once installed, you can download videos, music files without registering on the app. Surprisingly, you can download unlimited videos and music on your Android smartphone.

Privacy and Security

It is a secure video downloader because it has a video locker feature that allows you to create a private location on your device to store your videos or music.

Supports over 25 video and music platforms

With Institute, you can download music or videos from 25 popular music and video platforms like Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, AOL, Instagram, Twitter, and other websites. It allows you to download videos and music easily.

It supports many video formats

InsTube supports many video formats, and you can download videos in various formats, including MP3, MP4, M4A, and 3GP. Besides that, you can download a video of up to a resolution of 1280 pixels.

Speedy Video downloads

InsTube app doesn’t eat your device’s space and is an application with less size. Besides that, it offers you a good download speed that helps you download the videos quickly and easily.


I had installed this app on my device and also tested the features which have been listed on their site. This app offers the best privacy, unlimited downloads and supports downloads from over 25 popular websites. It also has a video locker feature, which helps you keep music or videos in a secret location. Also, you can password protect your videos. You can even convert videos into MP3 format.

However, this app is only available to the Android platform, and iOS users will have to wait for this app. If you’ve downloaded the instube app, give your honest feedback below.


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