How to recover lost Photo, Video, Music and Archive from Hard Drive
How to recover lost Photo, Video, Music and Archive from Hard Drive

To manage data is the most exhausting job in the world and it can wreak havoc if it dissappears accidently or gets deleted by a silly mistake from your side or your kin.

Deleting important files is a mistake that anybody can commit. Once your data is deleted, if you don’t belong to the computer expert category, your wish to get your data back seems impossible, but it isn’t what it looks like. Today, Hard Drive data recovery has become an easy task.

How to recover lost Photo, Video, Music and Archive from Hard Drive

The deletion of data is not permanent. There is simply a small reference deletion from your computer. This means that your data doesn’t find its end if it gets deleted. Your computer shows your data as ‘deleted’ because it can’t find the reference.
Nowadays’s recovering your deleted data is easy and it can be achieved by using a good data recovery software. Let’s see how you can do it.
Today we will see how you can recover data from hard drive using Wondershare, one of best data recovery software of the present times. It’s  widely popular and its biggest positive is that it is a non-destructive data recovery route that lets your retrieve deleted or formatted data from your PC devices like USB drives.
Wondershare, as the name indicates works wonders in comparison to the other data recovery tools and is user-friendly. The installation process does not involve any hiccups and is pretty smooth. As the installation process is over, you simply need to open the application and subsequently, you will be presented with four choices.
The four choices will be as follows:
Lost File Recovery
Raw File Recovery
Partition Recovery
Resume Recovery
We will be detailing the first two for you.
The first option which every user needs to know about is the ‘Lost File Recovery’ option. It is important because it forms the basis of how you proceed to recover your data. So let’s see how you do it.
Lost File Recovery is the fastest way to get back your files. If you have exact information about the particulars of your deleted data, you need to check out this option. It allows you to recover your formatted and deleted files, files deleted by Command-Delete, or permanently deleted from trash It takes barely one or two minutes to scan the entire hard disk and show up the list along with their address. The recovered files are listed in a tabular manner and you also get the option to see a preview, which by far is the best option of Wondershare and no other data recovery software lets you do that.
If the Lost File Recovery fails to do what you aspired for i.e., recover your data you need to go for the Raw Recovery method. This method will definitely overcome the shortcomings you faced in the first option. The Raw Recovery methods work with a variety of types of partitions and take more time to recover the files than the Lost Recovery option. You can also go for this method if Virus or Trojan attack have caused the data loss.
Supported devices and file formats
Wondershare works with NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, HFS+ and HFSX file systems are supported. These devices include desktops, laptops, digital cameras, memory cards, flash drives, removable drives, solid state drives etc. Interestingly, storage devices like Floppy Disk, iPod, and cell phones are also supported.
Wondershare software also supports multiple types of files–document, images, video, audio, email, and archive.


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