The new device Spectre from the tech giant HP is not only the thinner laptop in the world today, as well as it is also one of the most beautiful laptop ever created.

HP Unveils World’s Thinnest Laptop

The PC makers have been trying to replicate the MacBook Air for years with little success. Hence, the tech giant HP kept its promise and launched the new Spectre 13.3, the thinner notebook that the last MacBook released by Apple. In fact, it is the world’s finest laptop with only 10.4 mm thickness and a design with aluminum and carbon fiber, and copper paint.

As we mentioned earlier that the tech giant HP gave a coppery finish to its new laptop Spectre to attract those who love the golden or jewel-like devices.

The intention is that the guts of the new Spectre is just to attract the people and users who are interested in power: As the new device Spectre from the tech giant HP boasts an Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB of RAM, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB of internal memory variant and a battery with life of about 12.5 hours.

For the music lovers, the tech giant HP entrusted the credibility of audio on your laptop by Bang & Olufsen. As leaders in the field of high-quality audio equipment, Bang and Olufsen know what it takes to make every note of music ring true. So after the extensive testing by the tech giant HP’s own engineers, HP ship the product samples to Denmark, where Bang and Olufsen’s Tonmeister helps ensure their work is consistent with their sound philosophy and standards.

With these killer specifications, the trend is that the new device Spectre from the tech giant HP offers much more performance than the 2015 MacBook, which comes equipped with the same amount of RAM and storage, but suffers in processing due to the Intel Core M.

Basically, the Apple computer is made to the basic use of web browsing and light programs. But, the new device Spectre from the tech giant HP should support up to advanced editing and other heavy tasks images. Moreover, the new device Spectre 13.3 from the tech giant HP also gets connectivity with three USB Type-C ports on the back as well.

The tech giant HP needs a catalyst for its decadent desktop division. In the last quarter of 2015, HP reported that 11% of the reduction in sales of laptops and a reduction of 14% in sales of desktop computers. Hence, the new device Spectre from the tech giant is expected to trigger a change.


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