Recently, an Indian hacker found a severe bug on Uber’s application that 200 experts were not able to find and the most interesting thing is that this bug allowed free travel with Uber cab anywhere in the world, without any limitations.

This Indian Hacker Finds A Bug In Uber That Allows Free Rides For Life

Technological start-ups spend millions of dollars to find bugs in their apps, but sometimes that is not enough.

Uber, the private driver and cab service company that has become an alternative to the taxi has a staff of 200 security experts dedicated solely to look for bugs and exploits that endanger the private and billing information of its customers.

These 200 experts were not able to find a security bug that did locate an Indian hacker. This bug allowed free travel with Uber cab anywhere in the world, without limitations. Luckily Anand Prakash is an honest hacker, a security expert who makes a living by finding bugs in third-party applications and collects rewards or you can say bug bounty as well for it. He immediately warned Uber and charged them $10,000.

The hacker discovered a loophole in the code of the Uber app that caused a failure to enter a wrong payment type in the app. At that time it could be altered to get the trip without paying.

Anand Prakash communicated the ruling to Uber and has already corrected it in its last update. It is not the first reward that this hacker receives from Uber, which has already paid him $13,500. Instead of committing to a company he prefers to work as CazaBugs, and charge for it. He also discovered a similar bug that made it possible to order Dominos pizzas completely free, and another one by which you could change the Facebook password externally.

It is not a bad deal: other experts get paid regardless of any bugs they encounter, while Anand Prakash earns very succulent rewards for a single bug. However, for this, you have to be an expert hacker who can find flaws that security teams formed by hundreds of computer scientists are not able to discover.


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