Indian Hackers are Dominating Facebook's Bug Bounty Program
Indian Hackers are Dominating Facebook's Bug Bounty Program

Facebook Bug Bounty program has already paid $5 Million in 5 Years. Indian “Bounty Hunters” make the most of the money from the program.

Indian Hackers are Dominating Facebook’s Bug Bounty Program

If you think that hackers always makes money by engaging in criminal activity then you were wrong! Facebook while celebrating their fifth anniversary of the Bug bounty program said they have already paid $5 Million in last five years.

Facebook also pays out in BitCoins to the programmers who prefer cyber currency. Facebook have received more than 9,000 reports in the first half of 2016 and had paid a total of $611,741 to 149 researchers bringing their cumulative five-year total to more than $5 million paid to more than 900 researchers.

Facebook said in notes “While five years is a great milestone, we’re not resting on our laurels. We are always looking to improve and expand the program. This year, we added WhatsApp to our program, expanded payment options to include Bitcoin, and switched to an automated payment process so we can pay researchers faster.”

Guess what? Among the top three countries which are based on the number of payouts, India is in the first place leaving behind USA and Mexico. India had dominated the Facebook Bug bounty program over the past few years and now India is in the first position.

If you remember the incident where Facebook gave young Kerala Guy Arun S Kumar Rs 10.70 Lakhs and he is also awarded a place in the Facebook’s Hall of Fame for white hackers when he managed to expose a severe vulnerability in Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook ended the note by saying “We look forward to even more improvements in the future — and to many more valuable reports from whitehat security researchers!”