Indian Man Builds Driverless Tata Nano
Indian Man Builds Driverless Tata Nano

You might have seen reputed companies are working on driver-less cars. These companies include Google, Apple, Toyota, Tesla, Uber and other companies which are working on driver-less cars. Indian Man has build driver-less Tata Nano. The person namely, Dr. Roshy John has uploaded video on Yotube in which he demonstrates his driver-less Tata Nano.

Indian Man Builds Driverless Tata Nano

Dr. Roshy John is Practice head at Tata Consultancy services, he also disclosed that how he was inspired to build this driver less car after a journey in a cab about 5 years ago. When he hired cab after his flight, he was tired and lazy, but he noticed that the cab driver was more tired than him. He drove the vehicle himself in order to ensure the safety. The taxi ride influenced him to build a driver less car.

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You might have assumed that Dr. Roshy preferred Tata Nano because of its price, but it is not like that. He preferred Tata Nano because it’s engine is fitted on the back of the vehicle, so at the front of the vehicle he managed to place Array sensors.

In India, traffic conditions and roads are little bit harsh such as potholes or worst road conditions. Despite these challenges, he managed to build this driver-less car which could work well on Indian Roads by fitting mounted cameras in order to fine tune the algorithm.

After completing the formalities of this car, this car was ready to be tested on roads. The team added necessary equipment’s like sensors, camera and actuators to the car, thus making it driver-less. The team behind this invention claims that this system could be attached to any car in less than 1 hour. The tech giants working on driver less cars might have higher price tag when rolled in market but the Indian Man’s driver-less car approach is less expensive when compared to European Manufacturers.

The five minutes video uploaded on YouTube demonstrates the car build by Dr. Roshi and team. This invention is amazingly great, but the team must work forward in order to make car’s driver less algorithm more perfect.

Watch the video of the Driver-Less Car


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