A selfie is a self portrait photograph which almost every social network user posts. Due to the rising trend of taking selfies, it has got its demerits too. Many people clicked dangerous selfies which resulted in their injury or even death.

Indian Teenager Accidentally Shoots Himself in Head While Taking Selfie With Gun

Indian teenager namely Amandeep Singh aged 15 accidently shot himself in the head while taking selfie with his father’s gun. Shockingly, he pulled the trigger instead of capturing the selfie. The bullet hit him in the forehead but he survived this deadly accident. He is now in hospital in Punjab but is still in serious condition.

This incident took place on Friday evening when the teenager was playing at home with the gun that was licensed to his father, Gurkirpal Singh and was was kept in wardrobe in their residence, according to police chief Manoj Kumar.

“The boy’s father and family said that he was trying to take a selfie with his gun,” he said.

“We will speak to the boy when he is declared medically fit. We think that part of the blame obviously goes to the father for not keeping his loaded gun under lock and key at their home.”

On hearing gunshot, neighbours of the family immediately visited victim’s home and found Amandeep bleeding profusely. His elder sister had also posed for selfie but she was not injured. The victim’s parents were called to visit the hospital in Ludhiana as they were attending some function.

Earlier this year, 3 girls were swept into the sea while taking selfies at the sea shore in Mumbai India.

India is the largest smartphone market after China, Earlier this year, India surpassed the US to become the world’s second largest smartphone market.

Indian gun law permits its citizens to purchase ammunition with a government issued license. However the procedure for acquiring license is extremely tough and expensive in India. As of now, 6 million guns are registered in India.


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