Indian Websites More Vulnerable To Attacks by Pakistani Hackers
Indian Websites More Vulnerable To Attacks by Pakistani Hackers

Indian and Pakistan have been rivals since decades. Besides this, hackers from both countries show their aggression in hacking government or individual websites. For example Indian Hackers deface Pakistani Websites while as Pakistani Hackers deface Indian Websites. It seems that this rivalry may never end.

Indian Websites More Vulnerable To Attacks by Pakistani Hackers

CIA-backed threat intelligence company has claimed that, Indian Websites are more vulnerable to attacks by Pakistan Based Hackers. Also, Indian websites are more vulnerable to cyber attacks during high profile functions like Independence Day and Cricket Matches.

Indian Revenue Service’s Website was allegedly hacked by Pakistan Based Hackers. The website which was hacked by suspected Pakistani Hackers belonged to Income Tax Department and was left inaccessible for a while.

The report also suggests that India and Pakistan’s Independence day are celebrated on August 15 and 14 respectively which creates a predictable pattern of cyber attacks by the rival hacker groups.

The report further stated that PCA (abbreviated as Pakistan Cyber Army) openly posts online tutorials on social networking websites about “How to Hack Indian Websites”. Earlier, PCA hacked the website of  Central Bank of India, State Government of Kerala, Indian Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, the Central Bureau of Investigation etc.

Both Indian and Pakistan’s government must take some steps in order to develop friendly relations with each other. Hackers from both countries are seen defacing the websites of the countries which they oppose. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends.


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