Instagram is working on some new features spotted in its testing grade. The significant part includes a new view that will offer you more recommendations posts in the main feed.

Recently, Instagram rolled out its new product tagging feature to everyone in the US that allows users to showcase the brand’s products; if you haven’t tried it yet, test it out.

Meta-owned Instagram is testing new features like drawing replies to stories, new “Face and hand effects” section in settings, and a full-screen view for the feed parallel to the story view.

Instagram is Testing New Drawing Feature to Reply Stories

Instagram is Testing New Drawing Feature to Reply Stories
credits: @alex193a

A reputable tipster Alessandro Paluzzi has suggested two of the leaks, as we all know how accurate his leaks were about Instagram. Still, these features are currently under testing period, so that we might see a modification in the final version.

New Drawing Replies in Stories

As Paluzzi spotted a new option in the reply section of the Instagram stories that allow users to send drawing replies, which means it will provide the ability to point or round something specific in the story.

As you can see from the above screenshot, its icon looks like a mark of a pen or sketch. For example, you put your group photo with friends on your story so the viewer will guess you and make an easy pen marking to send you on replies.

“Face and Hand Effects” Option in Settings

Instagram new Face and Hand Effects Option in Settings
credit: @alex193a

There is no information about this new option, but we can assume this feature with its icon. This new section might be for controlling the Face and Hand effects or anything else related to effects.

Full-Screen View for Posts

Instagram Full-Screen View for Posts

According to a report from EnGadget, Instagram is testing a new full-screen view for the posts in the feeds to enhance user experience. You can consider this feature like story layout.

Currently, the company is testing some patterns. While Instagram will still display the bottom tabs but no details about the stories, there might be a possibility that scrolling will make the story bar hidden.


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