Unusual bug in iOS 9.3 is crashing iPhones when users open links in Safari Browser or in Notes, Messages or other apps. Many users have complained that their iPhone is freezing on opening links. Apple Supports Forums have been flooded by the posts of the users who are reporting and experiencing this bug.

iOS 9.3 Bug is Crashing Devices on Opening Links in Safari or Other Apps

iOS 9.3 was released ahead the launch of the Apple iPhone SE. The new update is however not working fine, however Apple had to stop iOS 9.3 update for older devices like iPhone 5s and iPad Air. Moreover, this bug also affected the Apple’s flagship phones, iPhone 6s and 6S Plus, as users complained after updating to the latest iOS 9.3.

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Users complain that when they try to open any websites links in the Safari Browser, Messages, Notes or other apps, it actually results in crashing rather than opening the website. Apple forums is witnessing many complaints of the users who are experiencing this bug, one of the forum members says that Apple is aware of this issue and are working to fix it and it will “arrive within the next two days.”

Apple hasn’t officially left any comment regarding this issue but some users found a patch for it, they suggest that turning off JavaScript by heading to Settings > Safari > Advanced and turning off the JavaScript will work as a temporary solution. However, doing this won’t let you surf properly. Users will have to wait for few days after Apple will roll out the fix for the affected users.

iOS 9.3 comes with some new features like Night Shift, Password protected notes, Improved Car-Play integration.

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