As recently we reported that iPhone’s new A11 Bionic chipset beats all competitors. No Android phone even managed to come close to iPhone’s new A11 Bionic chipset. Even, Apple’s own MacBook Pro failed to match the speed of iPhone’s A11 Bionic chip. Now, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus beats all the high-end devices in the camera test.

iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus Has the Best Smartphone Camera Ever

Unsurprisingly, the new iPhone 8 has a high-quality camera, and the iPhone 8 Plus has the best camera in the smartphone market. As the camera specialist DxOMark says that the tech giant Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus has the best camera in the smartphone market.

After the device arrived, the people in charge of this site confirmed what we have said a few times: this is, without a doubt, a milestone in smartphones with a record score of 94 and leads the market.

By framing what the DxOMark is, it stands as the industry standard for measuring and classifying image quality of the camera and lens set.

The service is recognized for providing the most rigorous hardware tests, using industry-level laboratory tools in the analyzes. In this way, it manages to fill its reference database, making it more comprehensive based on the thousands of test results already carried out, both in the machines and in the objective ones.

Now, after testing the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the results show that there is a new leader on the podium of the cameras in the segment of smartphones.

DxOMark stated “The Apple iPhone 8 Plus has a master camera system truly worthy of a high-end phone. It has the best performance on a mobile camera we’ve tested”.

Updates to the cameras – a 12MP wide-angle main camera (with a backlit sensor (BSI) and a f/1.8 lens) and a 12MP (with f/2.8 lens) camera – have improved quality in all categories. The iPhone 8 Plus gets exceptionally high marks in Zoom image quality and Bokeh quality, two new categories that DxOMark has just added to its scoring system.

The score of 94 points puts the iPhone 8 Plus 2 points ahead of the new iPhone 8 and 4 points ahead of Google Pixel and HTC U11.

Here is what DxOMark stated “DxOMark praises HDR performance, face detection accuracy, zooming skills and bokeh quality of the iPhone 8 Plus. The negatives discovered in the tests include a cast of colors when shooting in artificial lighting and some autofocus problems. It’s at the top of our scoring charts in almost every category – and in particular, its advanced software allows you to do an incredible job of capturing high-dynamic scenes and images where you can recognize faces”.

However, we can not forget that the iPhone X, the top-of-the-range Apple, has not yet been tested by DxOMark – if this phone is all superior to Apple’s current new iPhone market, then the iPhone 8 Plus stay at the top of the smartphone’s rating table may have a very short life.

This Top 10 of the smartphone cameras presented has the singularity of having 5 Apple devices, which accounts for a strong investment in recent years to make the iPhone a reference when it comes to photography.

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