ISIS is Ready To Pay About $10,300 Per Job To Hackers From India
ISIS is Ready To Pay About $10,300 Per Job To Hackers From India

InShortViral: The Terror Outfit Daesh is willing to pay hackers from India R.s 7 lacs INR to hack government websites and pass vital information to them.

According to certain reports, Daesh (IS) is looking to recruit Indian Youths who are capable to hack the government’s websites and pass the vital details to them. Daesh is trying to recruit Indian Youth via social networking sites.

ISIS is Ready To Pay About $10,300 Per Job To Hackers From India

Mail Today, reported that this terror outfit is eager to pay nearly $60,000 for the each information related to government is passed to them.

According to Cyber Crime expert, Kislay Choudhary, reported that there are different underground communities online where hackers keep in touch regularly. The ISIS handlers are making booming offers in order to woo Indian youth for stealing government’s essential data. He further said this dreaded terror outfit is making these offers in order to expand its reach throughout the country.

Kislay Choudhary further said that stealing essential information of government is a segment of Daesh to plan their policy against India. He also said that Daesh have approached nearly 30,000 techies from India till now and some might have grasped this chance.

Daesh Handlers are having various Social Media Accounts (Facebook and Twitter) in order to plan its strategy against India and to woo potential Indian Techies. They mostly approach youth’s from minority community who are having some conflict against government and their system.

So, this was all about the strategy of terror outfit “Daesh” for recruitment and how it is persuading Indian Youth to join their group. Daesh want’s Indian Hackers to hack the vital information on Governments Website and pass the information to them.