ISIS's Hacking Group Hacks The False Google
ISIS's Hacking Group Hacks The False Google

The hacking group of ISIS, which it calls “Cyber Caliphate” stated that it has hacked Google but it has not hacked Google and they made false claims of hacking Google. Cyber Caliphate members posted on Telegram that it will hack Google on Monday.

ISIS’s Hacking Group Hacks The False Google

The so called “Cyber Caliphate” which is Daesh’s Hacking Group posted on app “Telegram” which is often used by ISIS’s Followers that they will hack Google on Monday. Reports claimed that the Cyber Caliphate had posted “Keep the promise inshallah (God willing), expect us today,”.

The dreaded hacker’s were gearing to hack Google but they hacked a false Google with URL as which is owned by a person namely Gandani hailing from India. The site displayed the Logo of the Hacking Group, song of ISIS in French, along with the message “Hacked By: CCA”.

The Hacking Group published a list of 35 British Websites along with Google on Telegram which were hacked by ISIS as per their statement. The terror group said that it had targeted “small business” websites in revenge of killing its British Member who was reportedly killed during US Airstrikes last year.

Vocativ stated that the sites hacked by Cyber Caliphate included site  of a salon, an instructor who offers Japanese dance classes and businesses selling bedroom furniture and laminate flooring.

Recently, Cyber Caliphate threatened the CEO’s of the social media giants, Facebook and Twitter of dire consequences because the duo are suspending the accounts their members or their Sympathizers. The dreaded terror outfit also released a video, in which they threatened CEO’s of Facebook and Twitter for suspending their social media accounts. Facebook said that there is “no place for terrorists on Facebook”. Twitter suspended 125,000 accounts for posting terror content and most these suspended accounts were linked to dreaded terror outfit ISIS (Daesh).



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