John McAfee Suggests FBI
John McAfee Suggests FBI "How to Hack any iPhone in 30 minutes"

John McAfee is a Computer Programmer who developed first commercial Anti-Virus Program and is Libertarian Party presidential candidate. John while giving interview on National TV, disclosed how to hack any iPhone or computer in 30 minutes.

John McAfee Suggests FBI “How to Hack any iPhone in 30 minutes” 

John McAfee who is the Antivirus pioneer and the US presidential candidate suggests that how FBI can hack the iPhone in just 30 minutes. The iPhone 5C which the FBI is seeking to unlock it and access the data in it reportedly belonged to the San Bernardino shooter, Syed Farook. He further said that FBI is misleading people by demanding universal key from Apple which will help it to unlock more devices in future. Earlier, John said that if he isn’t able to hack the iPhone within 3 weeks, he will eat shoe on live TV.

McAfee said in order to hack any iPhone,”You need a hardware engineer and a software engineer”. The hardware engineer then keeps the phone aside and copies instruction set, which consists operating system i.e iOS and installed applications. A software engineer then runs a program called Disassembler which collects 1’s (Ones) and 0’s (Zeroes) as inputs and then provides you “readable instructions”.

He further said that the software engineer then reads the instructions which it gets through  Disassembler program. After that, he needs to use the keyboard in order to enter PIN, after finding the PIN, he can easily “read the instructions for where the secret code is stored”

Some reports are claiming that the method disclosed by McAfee is not possible because iPhones are using encryption system which is intended to stop the procedure which McAfee revealed on TV.

Earlier, McAfee announced that he would decode the iPhone 5C of the suspected San Bernardino shooter in just 3 weeks for absolutely free which could prevent Apple from putting a backdoor into its one device.

So, watch the video which is mentioned in the middle of the post and listen the McAfee’s procedure for hacking any iPhone or computer in just 30 minutes. Leave your opinions below about this way of hacking iPhones in the comment section below.



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