Download KingRoot APK
Download KingRoot APK

KingRoot is an Android app which helps a user to root their device. The best thing about Kingroot apk is that it supports lots of smartphone and tablet models. Whereas other tools get failed to root most of the phones.

KingRoot APK Latest Version Free Download

Well, we must admit that we all now hold an Android smartphone. Android is an open-source operating system which is based on Linux. This is the reason why we can do lots of customization on Android. In this article, we will be talking about Android rooting.

Android rooting is the process that allows users of Android phones, tablets, and other devices running the Android OS to get the full control and authority of the system. To explore the true power of an Android device, you should root your device. When you root an Android it enables you to act as the administrator of the phone.

After rooting your Android device, you can use Xposed Modules or can install your favorite ROM. However, to make things happen, we need to have a rooted Android device. There are actually multiple apps available that allow users to root their Android devices. However, Kingroot is the best among them.

What Is Kingroot APK?

Kingroot is an Android app which helps a user to root their device. The best thing about Kingroot apk latest is that it supports lots of smartphone and tablet models. Whereas other tools get failed to root most of the phones.

Kingroot apk will help you to gain the root privilege in just one click. However, most of the Android users who know about the rooting procedure can’t deny the fact that rooting your smartphone is a risky process.

No matter which app you are using to root your device. If something went wrong, then your phone will be bricked. So, you should follow the step by step tutorial on how to use KingRoot apk on your Android.

Installation Guide:

As we already mentioned, you are about to root your Android smartphone. So, make sure you don’t make any mistake during the setup or installation process or you will end up with bricking your device. Follow this guide carefully.

Step 1. First of all, open the settings panel of your Android smartphone and then tap on Security.

Installation Guide

Step 2. Now you need to enable the Unknown Sources option. This option allows users to install the app from unknown sources.

Unknown sources

Step 3. First of all, visit Apkmirror and Search for “Kingroot APK”.

Step 4. Now you will see the screen like below, where you need to tap on the Install option. Now, wait for a few seconds or minutes to finish the installation of the app.

Installation Guide
Installation Guide

Step 5. Once done, you will see the screen like below. Here you need to tap on the open button.

KingRoot - Installation Guide

Step 6. KingRoot app will now detect your smartphone and in the middle of the screen, you will find the Root button. You need to tap on that and wait for few minutes.

Open KingRoot
Open KingRoot

After finishing the process, you will have a rooted Android smartphone. Now that you have installed and rooted your Android smartphone using Kingroot. Let’s have a look at some of the top features of Kingroot.

Some Features Of KingRoot:

  • Rooting is never easy and at the same time, it’s risky too. The KingRoot Android app is an easier and safer way to root your smartphone with just one tap. This is one of the most trusted and safe tools to root any Android device.
  • This is a heavily trusted and most downloaded Android app that can root your Android device with a single tap.
  • Kingroot has a success rate of 98.2% which is much high compared to other rooting apps available on the internet.
  • KingRoot supports almost every popular Android devices. The tool has a huge list of smartphone supports compared to other rooting apps available on the internet.
  • According to the developers of Kingroot apk, the root tool now supports a total of 104136 numbers of models.
  • The app is frequently updated. The developers of the KingRoot app are working really hard to roll out the frequent update which helps the app to support new models.

Benefits Of Rooting:

Now That we have learned how to root Android device using KingRoot, let’s know what are the benefits of rooted Android smartphone. As we already mentioned there are lots of benefits of Rooting, here we have talked about some of the interesting ones.

  • If you have a rooted Android device, you can easily remove pre-installed apps (Bloatware) from your Android device.
  • There are many modules available after installing the Xposed framework. You can use some modules to get rid of popup ads.
  • Rooting your Android smartphone helps you to improve your battery life as well as gives you proper control over the resources.
  • You can use advanced tools to create a proper backup of your Smartphone.
  • You can enjoy some advanced customizations. For example, you can add a custom ROM on your Android to change the overall look of your Android.

As we already mentioned in the guide, there are multiple options available over the web which let users root their Android smartphone. However, Kingroot stands out of the crowd. However, before rooting your Android smartphone make sure that you know what you are doing. You should also keep in mind that rooting your device voids the warranty and it comes with some risks. So, you are responsible for the result of rooting. If you have any doubt then discuss with us in the comment below.


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