If you are in search of a good VPN, then you must probably know the uses and benefits of using a VPN.

However, not everyone will be aware and might accidentally see this offer.

VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which provides a private network across a public network to share data by accessing it from a secure private server.

Today, we will discuss an amazing offer from 4TFY for a lifetime VPN access for just $99.

This seems like a sweet deal for just $99 to obtain a lifetime VPN access. Doesn’t it?

Let’s see what the offer entails to understand and determine whether the offer value is worth spending or not.

What is the 4TFY offer?

Lifetime VPN 4TFY 1024x576 - Lifetime VPN? An Affordable Offer by 4TFY

The offer reflects $ 99-lifetime access to keep your digital footprint secured with the easy to use and highly secure 4TFY VPN.

Let’s check out the features and functions of 4TFY to see if it’s worth the time and money to invest.

Features of 4TFY VPN

VPN is basically masking your IP to keep your online identity as anonymous to your ISP and the government, and keeping your shared data safe and secure.

Some of the excellent features offered here are:

  • Unrestricted Access

Bypass any and all censorship placed by the governing authority in your country

  • Total Privacy

IP masking helps protect your location and prevents ISP from tracking your online activity

  • No logging

The VPN service provider, in this case, 4TFY will not keep logs on your activity and you could continue your online activity without others peeking at what you do

  • Protect up to 10 devices

You have an option to use this VPN for up to 10 devices including your phones and tabs

These features are necessary for any VPN and the no-logging did come as a surprise since some of the VPN providers do keep logs of their users on their own servers.

The next question that comes to my mind is, why to choose 4TFY and not other service providers.

There are a few functions which did peak my interest in 4TFY, those are:

  • Excellent Encryption – Encryption algorithms keep your internet traffic safe and secure
  • Multiple-OS Support – It supports all devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • P2P Support – Peer to Peer support is not provided by many VPN service providers however, you can download as much as you need here
  • Kill Switch – Any threats to your VPN, the kill switch option will protect you
  • 24/7 Availability – Network quality and stability is the top priority

Final Thoughts

In comparison to other VPN service providers, 4TFY is holding their ground comfortably.

To provide this $99-lifetime offer, the operating costs have been lowered to unimaginable depths.

Once the offer has ended, you may see a cost difference offsetting associated with the growth.

So, grab this offer while it is still there, and make the most of it.


Khazin Muzaffar is a Tech enthusiastic, he writes about technology and all viral tech stuff. He is a senior editor and keeps eye on all tech related things.