Let’s have a look at the method to Make your iPhone Use JPG and MP4 instead of HEIF and HEVC formats using the simple trick. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]y default, the iOS 11 camera shoots the videos in HEVC format and it captures the images in the HEIF format. The Apple has implemented the camera functions in such a way that the media is set to shoot and capture in the format that is felt to be best suited. But for the users, they might not require the same formats that are set by default while they would be willing to set their device to shoot in some different formats for any of the reasons. Might be the users would be requiring some format that is better for the sharing purposes or is better for the editing reasons so they would be willing to set the iOS to shoot in the same formats. As every user would be aware of there is no option in the iOS by which the users could be able to change the Format of the Video and the Image. There is a special method required by which the users could actually change the formats for these media types being captured. Fortunately, there is a method available for the iOS 11 by which the default image and video format could be changed in the iOS 11. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which you would be able to change the video and image saving formats for the iPhone from HEIF and HEVC to JPG and MP4. If you feel that the topic is beneficial for you or you are interested in this post then please carry on reading it until the end. We assure that you would find up something of great value for your purposes. So let’s carry on with the main part of this method!

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How to Make your iPhone Use JPG and MP4 instead of HEIF and HEVC Formats

The process of changing the video and image formats in the iOS is really easy but the problem is that these types of formats are supported by the default system and if you tend to change this format then many of the intensive features of the iOS camera won’t work. The other issue is that this format of videos is not at all supported by the other apps or the systems rather than the iOS so you just require changing the format if you wish to share the images with other apps or devices. Same is with the image format in the iOS 11 and you also need to make the changes to this format so as to view the images from the other sources. We are now providing you with the whole number of steps that you need to follow to make the format changes for images and videos in iOS 11.

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Steps to Make your iPhone Use JPG and MP4 instead of HEIF and HEVC formats:

#1 The very first step that you need to follow is to open up the device settings and then look for the option named camera, Just tap on this option to head to the whole number of settings related to the camera of your iOS 11 device. Now you know that there is a number of options all related to the camera of the device so just follow that up and go to the next step for checking up the options you need to make up the changes.

#2 Find the option high Efficiency’ under the Camera settings screen and you will see that this option is already selected. This is the option that is making the changes to the format of the Video as well as Image that are shooting through the camera of the device. Just tap on ‘Most Compatible’ option so as to change the default value. This would make up the referee changes and then all your photos and videos will be saved as JPEGs and MP4s respectively.

Make your iPhone Use JPG and MP4 instead of HEIF and HEVC formats
Make your iPhone Use JPG and MP4 instead of HEIF and HEVC formats

#3 Now is the last thing for which you were in this article, would the newer formats be JPG and MP4 for the images and the videos? The answer is yes! You will not require processing anything apart from the above settings to make up the changes while the above settings will automatically avail these formats for the media that is captured from the camera of the device.

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Now after reading the whole information in this article you would have got to know about the proper method to make your iPhone use JPG and MP4 instead of HEIF and the HEVC formats for the images and the videos. Our focus is to write about the topic in such a way that almost everyone from the beginners to the advanced level seekers could get the best possible knowledge. And supposedly we believe that you would also have grasped the topic details of this page very easily. At last, we just hope that you would be liking the information in this article, if it is like that then please go and share this with others. As your dealing with the content of this article is of utmost importance so we would love if you would share your valuable opinions or the suggestions related to this post. For posting your writings log on to the comments section below!


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