Most laptop manufacturers promise a lot but the truth is that they do not always guarantee the promise. Hence, if we say it in other words then it is clear that most laptop manufacturers are simply ‘Lie’ about the battery life of Laptops.

Most Manufacturers ‘Lie’ About The Battery Life Of Laptops

They promise a lot but the truth is that they do not always guarantee the promise. When buying a PC, the battery life is a parameter that can help in the choice but, according to the studies, most Laptop manufacturers overstate battery life and how the batteries will last.

But not all manufacturers “lie” about the autonomy of their PCs. The tech giant Apple is one of them. Let us know some results.

Autonomy tests were done by Which site, which evaluated the autonomy of 64 models of portable PCs, since January 2016, and compared with the manufacturer’s own information. According to the results, there are laptops whose real autonomy differs a lot from what has been announced (in several hours). But not all manufacturers are like that.

For example, the tech giant Apple promises 10hr of autonomy in the Macbook Pro but, according to the tests, achieved 10h15 minutes. Autonomy tests were performed while browsing the Internet, with Wi-Fi connection.

As we can see from the following image, only Apple complies. For all other brands, the results speak for themselves.

Battery Infographic
Battery Infographic

The number of models, by brand, tested:-

  1. Acer (8)
  2. Apple (3)
  3. Asus (8)
  4. Dell (10)
  5. HP (12)
  6. Lenovo (20)
  7. Toshiba (6)

Considering the results, we easily noticed that the brands “distort” the autonomy time of the batteries of the laptops. The difference could be in the order of the minutes but there are marks in which the difference is in the order of several hours … what is bad for the users.

Do you have any of these brands? How is it in terms of autonomy? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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