IIT Kharagpur alumnus Parag Havaldar wins Technical Achievement Oscar for developing expression-based facial performance-capture technology at Sony Pictures Imageworks

Meet Parag Havaldar Who Won Oscar For Technical Achievement

There is no lack of talent in India, and it seems that every other day the world is getting a glimpse of It. Just a few months ago, we saw 11-year-Old Pune girl winning the Doodle 4 Google 2016 contest.

Indian-American Parag Havaldar, who is a computer engineer from IIT Kharagpur became a part of the Academy Awards list of winners for Technical Achievement. Academy of Motion Picture Arts recently announced the list of 18 achievements for its 2017 Scientific and Technical Award.

Well, Parag Havaldar graduated in the year 1991 with a degree in computer science and engineering, and he is currently a software supervisor at Sony Pictures Image works.

Parag Havaldar was honored for the development of expression-based facial performance-capture technology at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Parag Havaldar and his team had created this technology to create stylized character animations.

Just in case you are wondering how talented this guy is, then let me tell you the technology that he and along with his team developed is used to create realistic characters in movies like “Alice in Wonderland”, “Monster House”, “Hancock”, “Spiderman”, “Watchmen”, “Green Lantern”, “Beowulf”.

The Technical Achievement Award is already handed to Parag Havaldar on February 11 in Beverly Hills which is just ahead of the main Oscar ceremony to held on February 26.

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