We have already seen the concept and prototypes of flying cars, but now we will see the flying bikes. Recently, a Russian company, Hoversurf has developed the world’s first rideable hoverbike that really looks cool as hell.

Meet The World’s First Rideable Hoverbike That Looks Really Cool

We have already seen the concept and prototypes of flying cars, but now we will see the flying bikes. As none of the two inventions are still the reality because they are mere concepts, but at least they are in development to get even closer to the futures that we can see projected in films. Finally, one of the first projects that try to blow up the bike which has made great strides.

A Russian company, Hoversurf has developed this concept, which it has named as Scorpion-3. The Russian company complying with the prototype and have managed to turn a motorcycle into a flying machine, and that also actually controlled by the live pilot. Undoubtedly it looks cool as hell, and it will be the dream of more than one biker, as with this flying motorcycle any biker could easily migrate to other city or even they can use it to make transcontinental trips as well.

Hoversurf Scorpion-3 is the world’s first flying motorbike

It is amazing to see the flight of this “motorcycle,” to call it somehow, we will still have to find a name. For now, it is not very pretty, and I guess it will not be very safe either, but it will set the tone for the next few years. Its design is based on a drone. It is very basic: four propellers are there on each corner.

In the promotional video, we can see faithfully how this device behaves in enclosures not closed. In the pavilion where the Scorpion-3 is been tested, it behaves very well, but with air gusts its usability decreases. Anyway, later the company will make changes on it and simply make more advance. Hence, this futuristic advanced model will be able to offer much more stability and agility, which will also help in the tests in the exterior.

This bike is nothing new, because you may have already seen it. So, the novelty is that now it is no longer controlled remotely, but rather the pilot himself using sensors and controls.


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