The woman from California sued Microsoft for the failed update that made her computer unstable and often unresponsive and she won $10,000 in compensation from Microsoft.

Microsoft Pays $10k to Woman for Pushing Windows 10 updates

As we know Microsoft introduced its latest windows operating system that is windows 10 in July 2015 and we must agree to the fact that Microsoft is trying really hard to make users install or upgrade their existing Windows version to the latest Windows 10.

However, many users also reported that installing windows 10 on their computer was performed without the permission. As we know, the last date to upgrade existing Windows to latest one is July 29.

Recently, at least one Microsoft customers took the fight to the court and guess what? The customer also won a small judgment against Microsoft for automatically downloading Windows 10. Teri Goldstein, of Sausalito, California was the victim who won $10,000 in compensation from Microsoft after Windows 10 automatically attempted and failed to install on her Windows 7 computer.

Teri Goldstein said “I had never heard of Windows 10. Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update”. According to the Californian women, the automatic install of Windows 10 failed, which turns her computer unstable and unresponsive from which she used to run her travel agency.

Teri Goldstein called Microsoft Support in order to fix her computer but when support for Microsoft’s client was not able to fix the problem, Teri Goldstein took Microsoft to court, seeking compensation for lost earnings and the cost of a new computer. Microsoft dropped its appeal to avoid additional legal expenses, leaving Microsoft footing the bill.

Microsoft had also announced an investigation to find out the reason behind Windows 10 installation without any warning or permissions. Microsoft says it offers users a choice to update, not a requirement.

Microsoft Said “We’re continuing to listen to customer feedback and evolve the upgrade experience based on their feedback,”