Mozilla Just Added An Extraordinary Feature To Its Browser
Mozilla Just Added An Extraordinary Feature To Its Browser

Recently, Mozilla just added an extraordinary feature to its free and open-source web browser, of course, Firefox. This feature promises 400% increase in responsiveness and a 700% improvement while loading web pages.

Mozilla Just Added An Extraordinary Feature To Its Browser

The multi-process is a feature of Mozilla Firefox browser that promises to put the high level of performance than its main competitors. If you are regular to this application, then you may have verified that during the last years it had remained something stagnant.

Precisely, this function has been activated experimentally for some versions, and since the last update, it has reached almost to all users of the browser. We told you all the details published Mozilla about it.

A few months ago, Mozilla launched multi-process Firefox to some users. As we clarify, this new feature is gradually coming to all users who did not have extensions installed. Those users already have enjoyed a 400% response faster and a loading rate of 700% more speed when loading web pages. Undoubtedly, it is a novelty that is worth trying and has available.

Firefox multiprocessing continued to reach users with version 49, even if they had installed extensions. However, these had to meet a series of iron parameters. The thing has run its course, and Firefox 50 is enabled for users with a large number of extensions installed. Yes, they should not need to be marked as incompatible with this function by its developers.

However, this does not stop with the release of Firefox 50, the latest version available that was released in the month of November. Since Mozilla point to have a lot of work ahead to enable the multi-process feature to users with unsupported extensions. That could happen with the release of Firefox 51 if everything goes as planned. The browser will activate the multi-process feature, even though the user has extensions that are not explicitly compatible with the technology.

Parallel to the activation of multiprocessing feature, Mozilla claims to be working on capabilities of this technology to improve the response time of overall browser and navigation in particular. In particular, two new features will be addressed by the technology that we will discuss below.

The first is to get more performance with multithreaded architecture, minimizing the impact when errors occur. Channel versions Nightly begin very soon to try this novelty and Mozilla will give the opportunity to discover errors in a broader user environment.

In the second place, they will address the implementation of a sandboxing to improve the safety of multithreaded. This has already begun with the introduction of the first sandbox for Windows in Firefox 50 while acknowledging that there is still much work to be done. In future versions, Mac and Linux users will also be able to enjoy this security enhancement in the browser.