Mspy Is an Effective Sms Tracker: Kids Tech Addiction
Mspy Is an Effective Sms Tracker: Kids Tech Addiction

Besides the fact that mSpy is an effective SMS tracker to monitor your kids’ phone, here are dangers of tech addiction you need to know about.

Here Are the Dangers of Gadget Addiction in Kids

Smart technology is here to stay, and there is no question about that. The only question every parent needs to ask revolves around the consequences of its abuse and addictions in our kids. Even though mSpy is an effective SMS tracker to monitor what your kids do with their smartphones, it is necessary to understand the full dangers of your child degenerating into an addiction. If you want to know the dangers of allowing your child to become statistics among teen tech addicts, then read this post to the end to learn more. Here, we will walk you through all these ugly dangers so that you can heighten your sense of responsibility and make timely interventions. If you are in a hurry and want to check mSpy, you can use this mSpy coupon to get 15% OFF when buying it.

Multiple Health Problems

Multiple Health Problems

Let us start the list of dangers with where it hurts the most—the health of your child. Many studies point to confirm that if you do not limit the time your child spends on the screens of computers, Play Stations, and television, you will expose them to long-term health challenges. Here are some of the health challenges your kid will suffer:

  • Increased cases of Tendinitis in wrists and neck pains are common among kids who spend excessive time behind technology device screens
  • Another health risk that tech addiction exposes your child to is the increased risk of developing heart disease. According to one study, if you or your kid spend more than four hours daily watching TV, playing video games, or behind other smart device screens, you have 113% higher risk of developing heart attack and stroke and a 50% higher risk of death from other causes than people who spend less than 2 hours daily doing the same.
  • Eating disorders which lead to other health complications such as obesity are some of the dangers of tech addiction
  • Sleep disorders are some of the health dangers your child is likely to face if they spend excessive time behind tech gadget screens
  • Obesity is another disease that stares at kids who spend excess time behind their tech devices. The logical explanation behind this possibility is simple: when your child spends more time with gadgets, he or she lacks the necessary time to engage in exercises and other vigorous activities. For instance, medical experts agree that teens need at least one hour per day to engage in moderate to intensive physical activities to stay healthy. All these requirements come at the backdrop of the sad fact that most kids spend 75% of their wake hours behind tech device screens.

Impaired Concentration Ability 

Impaired Concentration Ability

The Internet is one of the favorite hubs where many underage kids spend their time when they are not playing video games. According to research, when kids spend too much time behind the Net, they are most likely to suffer from impaired attention, decreased comprehension, and diminishing longterm memory that leads to multiple learning difficulties.

Reduced Motor Skills

Another danger that your child gets exposed to when they suffer tech addictions is reduced fine motor skills. When this happens, they end up losing their ability to write well because they have lesser exposure to traditional play activities such as blocks, play dough, craft, art and craft, and dressing dolls.

Impaired Social Skills

The dangers of excessive exposure to tech devices do not end in the body or mind. They also affect their social skills since these boys and girls spend most of their free time interacting with the virtual world. The best they come to is exchanging casual messages on Facebook and other social media networks. This way, it becomes difficult for them to develop their social fiber and interact maturely with people in the real world.

Reduced Creativity and Imagination

Reduced Creativity and Imagination

Another toll that tech addiction is taking on our kids is decreased creativity. Different studies are pointing to longterm effects on the creative and imaginative powers of kids. The common explanation behind their conclusions is that they lack the time they need to engage in the creative activities that are supposed to sharpen their skills. Decreased playtime is also another factor that kills their creative powers. They also agree that the best way for kids to learn is not pushing buttons on Play Stations or tablets but getting the firsthand experience in the real world and handson engagement with objects that make a demand on their senses. Here are some of the symptoms of a child with impaired creativity and imagination:

  • Their only area of interest and activity is the screen of their smart gadgets
  • The kid cannot find any other source of entertainment outside the screen
  • They cannot sit still at meal times without looking at screens
  • A kid who has difficulties sitting still in the car or in class without peeping at screens
  • A child who does not want to step outdoors to play, and yet, they also don’t want to play indoors
  • A child who cannot engage in obvious child games such fort building and reading without an adult urging them to do so

Reckless and Deadly Driving

Reckless and Deadly Driving

For parents raising teens, this last danger is the worst. The reason is that these young people try engaging their multitasking skills while driving. For instance, 60% of teens concede that they read, send, and reply text messages while behind the steering wheel. The result? Increased reckless driving that is taking away innocent lives and causing permanent injuries to innocent road users.

The dangers of tech addiction among minors are many, and some of them are catastrophic. They affect the entire person since their victims suffer emotional, social, and mental damages that don’t just affect them, but also other innocent persons as well, for instance, innocent victims of reckless driving. But since mSpy is an effective SMS tracker that you can use to monitor your child’s tech trends, there is no need for alarm. With these dangers at your fingertips, the ball is now in your court to take charge so that your children do not become victims.



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