Netflix has canceled its Resident Evil series just after one season, which means your waiting for season 2 is a waste now.

While Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed these details but well-known website in the industry, Deadline, has confirmed so that we can rely on this information.

Resident Evil Didn’t Work Out For Netflix

Resident Evil Didn't Work Out For Netflix

We all know how popular the Resident Evil franchise is, even if we talk about its video game series or movie series, but it seems that its live-action series didn’t work for Netflix.

And if we talk about its story, so it also seems to portray well for fans as Andrew Dabb piloted the show.

The series ran between two different timelines centered around the story of Albert Wesker and his two daughters. For me, it was not so bad, but at the same time, I can’t compare it with All of us are Dead.

As its plot was trying to catch things with modern zombie movies such as Resident Evil is actually known for its own thrill from the start, if you see the story of Raccoon city in movies.

Also, this series was in Netflix’s top 10 list of most-watched shows in the opening week of it, and after three weeks, it fell down and was not found in even 10 positions as Netflix developed it in 2019.

We can also consider one more reason for its failure, Stranger Things Season 4 because we all know about its hype and release on July 2nd, and it was in the top three for a straight month.

Even though their release had a gap of 2 weeks, Stranger Things Season 4 stole first place from Resident Evil on its opening release. In conclusion, Resident Evil’s further sequel is canceled.

The streaming giant recently also canceled its vampire thrilling series, First Kill, which performed as an average series for Netflix, but the LGBTQ community liked it.


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