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Best Android Emulators in 2020

20 Best Android Emulators in 2020, To Experience Android On Windows PC

Android emulators are basically a program that simply provides a virtual environment on your PC or desktop that works exactly like an Android mobile or tablet. In this virtual interface, you can simply install...
Joker Malware

Google booted 24 apps from the Play store infected with Joker malware

A group of security researchers discovered 24 apps on Google play store were infected by the notorious Joker Malware that sucked money from users by subscribing to paid subscriptions without their concern. The CSIS Security...
one plus 7t

OnePlus 7T & 7T Pro specs Leaked

A few weeks ago we came across the renders of OnePlus 7T and 7T pro exclusively from Onleaks which gave us a sense of the upcoming device's design.  A recent leak has brought some...

Google Pixel 4 Hands-On Video Confirms A Lots Of New Features.

There have been a lot of new leaks circulating on the internet about the upcoming Google Pixel 4, and all of the rumors have started to make some sense. The video was first uploaded...

These Xiaomi Devices Will Receive The MIUI 11 Update

Just a few days ago, Google rolled out android ten updates for Pixel devices and was busy working with other OEMs to push updates for devices that support Android 10. Although, Xiaomi, one of...
vivaldi browser is now available on anroid

Vivaldi browser Now Available On Android – Download Now!

A popular browser created by a team of developers who were team members of Opera has finally made its way to Android in beta version. The main aim of the Vivaldi browser is to...
Google pixel 4 camera will recieve major upgrades (1)

Google Pixel 4 Will Have Major Camera Improvements

The Google Pixel has been a leader when it comes to smartphone camera performance. While we anticipate the official launch of the Pixel 4, various leaks and rumours have already given us a fair...

Uninstall These Two Apps From Your Android Right Now!!

Malware researches have found out two Android apps on Google play store with over 1.5 million downloads, using a hidden click fraud adware that decreases the performance of phones, increases data consumption and drains...