For years, science fiction cinema has shown us how life on Earth could be in the future. So, what if I say that hypothetical future that we see in the movies has already arrived? Yes, sounds pretty interesting right, with this new website simply you can travel to the future.

Now You Can Travel To The Future With This Website

For years, science fiction cinema has shown us how life on Earth could be in the future. That hypothetical future that we could see in the movies has already arrived, and it does not look as much as we could think of the real world.

On the other hand, it is true that in many ways the life of the human being has evolved a lot and is very different from what it was a few years ago. An example that demonstrates this evolution is the technology related to robots. It is possible, for example, to create robots with a striking resemblance to humans.

Artificial intelligence is another example of what technological advancement has achieved. At present, its use is still too limited but, in the future, this technology will be able to predict even the future.

Precisely with the aim of showing us how life will be on Earth in a few years, Earth 2050 has been created, a platform signed by Kaspersky Lab that gathers a great number of predictions about the technological advances that we will foreseeably see in the coming decades.

A website capable of showing us the future

From this link, it is possible to access this web in which the famous futurologist Ian Pearson has collaborated. One of the foundations on which this platform has been created is interactivity and feedback. The predictions that we can see are based on more than 200 opinions from scientists; analysts specialized in cybersecurity or artists from different disciplines.

Earth 2050 has been created as a gift to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Kaspersky Lab. The web is nourished by the contributions of anyone who wants to intervene in its creation. Therefore, it is possible to register as a guest and provide all the ideas we want by filling out a form with our contributions.

At the moment, from this portal, we can visit 80 different cities of the whole planet. Clicking on each one of them we access the predictions of future. In addition, it is possible to search for this information for decades, between 2030 and 2050. In 12 of these cities, including Barcelona, Singapore or New York, we can enjoy 360-degree panoramas showing these predictions.

From Kaspersky Lab point out that the future that we can see on the web could be a reality in the coming decades. Therefore, it can be used to anticipate cyber threats of the future. Earth 2050 will be updated with new content with information provided by experts and futurists.

Looking ahead to the future through these types of tools can allow users and industrial sectors to arm themselves against the dangers involved in the various technological advances that our society is carrying out.


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