We all know very well that with regard to purchases with credit cards, the security resulting from this process must always be ensured so that there are no fraud problems. However, according to the latest reports, recently in recent days several users have reported that OnePlus might have been hacked, users have reported credit card fraud.

OnePlus Have Been Hacked! As Users Report Credit Card Fraud

With regard to purchases with credit cards, the security resulting from this process must always be ensured so that there are no fraud problems.

In recent days several reports have been made regarding cards used in the OnePlus store, with the Chinese brand investigating these problems.

One of the most used means for payment of online purchases is the credit card. Although it is a very practical method, it is necessary to take into account the place where one buys and the security that is implemented.

In recent days, there have been reports of problems with credit cards used between November and December in the OnePlus online store. According to users, after making purchases at the online store, they noticed no transactions allowed or were even advised by the bank about some fraudulent transactions.

This problem has been reported to several users and alerted OnePlus to this security problem that was discovered.

OnePlus has already reacted with a statement on these issues

OnePlus has already responded to this problem through a publication in its forum where it recognizes the problem and ensures that it is already investigating the causes. In addition, it also issued some answers to clarify this situation.

According to the Chinese brand, this problem is only related to direct purchases with the credit card, not affecting customers who used PayPal as a payment method.

Regarding data security, OnePlus has stated that it does not store or process any customer payment data on its website. Although the payment link is internal (www.oneplus.net/en/payment/), everything is processed in the services of a partner through a secure connection. Even those who choose to save data for future payments, all information is hosted on the partner’s side.

OnePlus removes hypothesis of problems with the Magento bug

After uncovering this problem, several users have come forward with the hypothesis that this security breach is related to a known bug in stores developed on the Magento eCommerce platform.

However, OnePlus denied this hypothesis by explaining that although the initial site was developed in Magento, since 2014 it has been changed with its own code and that the credit card payment system has never been implemented in the Magento payment module.

What to do in these cases?

Whether it’s the OnePlus store or any other store, direct credit card payment always has a high risk associated with it. Therefore, if you use a credit card for purchases, you should check the movements on a regular basis to ensure that there are no payments that you have not authorized. If they exist, contact your bank as soon as possible to try to resolve the problem and activate insurance, if any.

For future payments, consider using PayPal as your payment method for your purchases, in order to gain a further level of security in your transactions.

OnePlus is already investigating this issue with the credit card payment partner. If you experience any problem with a purchase in your online store, contact the brand through “[email protected]”.

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