Cyber War Begins! Pakistani Websites Hacked by Indian Hackers
Cyber War Begins! Pakistani Websites Hacked by Indian Hackers

After facing a large-scale cyber attack from Pakistan, Indian hackers hit back and hacked & locked Pakistani websites

Cyber War Begins! Pakistani Websites Hacked by Indian Hackers

We have seen that few days ago the group of Pakistani hackers claimed that they have managed to hack over 7,000 Indian websites as a revenge against the Indian surgical strikes.

Each of the hacked websites had a logo of Pakistan Haxors Crew and a song “Ae watan tera ishara aagaya, ar sipahi ko pukar aagaya…” which means (Oh nation, we’ve received your signal, ever soldier has got his call(ing)..” and begins to play with a scroll that reads “Tum ne socha tha, hum ne kar dikhaya” that means (You Thought, we’ve done it).

Pakistani hackers have openly challenged Indian hackers for the Cyberwar by saying “We are Unbeatable. You… kill innocent people in Kashmir and call your self-defenders of your country. You…violate the ceasefire on the border and call it ‘Surgical Strikes’. Now kiss the burn of Cyber War”

So, now Indian techies hit back and already locked Pakistan govt computers. Indian hackers have managed to hack into a large number of Pakistan Government websites and are encrypting the contents of the websites. Reports also state that Pakistani techies are having a hard time holding Indian hackers and had already offered to pay Indian hackers in Bitcoin to regain access to their own sites.

One of the Black hat hackers told daily mail “To unlock their data, techies from Pakistan also paid in Bitcoins but ‘patriotic’ Indians refused to give away the decrypt key to unlock the data. Pakistani officials have been asked to pay the amount again to unlock.”

According to the reports from Daily Mail, Patriotic Indian hackers have declined the offers and still have the Government sites under authority.

A Hacker told Daily Mail “Indian hackers are technically sound and can easily spy or steal data from any country. But no one ever tried to bring young talents under one umbrella for information gathering”

However, the situation will be strong on both sites as Indian hackers have informed that Pakistani techies will hit back. So, it remains to be seen how Pakistani hackers will counter this strike.