Many times we have seen that how movies being leaked ahead of their release. Hence, this what again happened and this time it happened with the much-awaited Disney movie “Pirates Of The Caribbean 5”.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Leaked On Torrent Sites In BluRay

After the huge attack of ransomware, which has been one of the most addressed issues in the entire world press, now comes the information that a group of hackers managed to steal from Disney the film Pirates of the Caribbean 5 that would debut soon.

The information about the “kidnapping” of the new movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Do not Tell History was given by Disney CEO Bob Iger himself. According to him, the hacking group has already contacted Disney and are now asking for a ransom, otherwise, they will start publishing parts of the movie.

As with the ransomware attacks, the hackers are demanding that payment is made in the virtual currency bitcoin. Regarding the payment, it is not yet known if Disney is willing to give it to hackers or not.

According to some reports, this new movie may yield over $ 1 billion in box office tickets in 2017, a pretty nice value that could be quite different if the movie appears on the Internet. The film Pirates of the Caribbean 5 premieres on May 25, 2017, and features a special guest Paul Mccartney.

A similar case occurred a few weeks ago, with the theft of all episodes of the new season of the Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black.” In this case, Netflix has not paid the ransom demanded by hackers and the episodes can already be found illegally over the Internet. Hopefully, the Pirate of the Caribbean does not have the same outcome.

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