As earlier, we reported that this year we will see a new Google Pixel series smartphone (Pixel 2) from the tech giant Google. But, now it seems that Google’s Pixel 2 smartphone will come without a headphone jack.

iPhone effect: Google Pixel 2 Will Ditch The Headphone Jack

Last year, 2016 was carried out to a great extent by the elimination of the 3.5 mm jack for headphones of some smartphones. As usual, initially, some Chinese-based firms decided to dispense with this feature, and later, companies such as Lenovo, HTC or Apple followed these same steps.

Luckily for many, two of the most popular devices in the market such as Google Pixel and Pixel XL had this feature even taking into account the rumors that claimed oppositely. In fact, Google sent a small wink to Apple in the presentation video of the Pixel, boasting of the inclusion of this audio port.

Unfortunately, everything seems to point to that Google, finally, will join the fashion of removing the headphone jack in the next Pixel smartphone that will arrive this year, as indicated in some supposed filtered internal documents.

If the information in this report were confirmed, removing the headphone jack on the Google Pixel 2 would simply become a reality soon. Even so, and taking into account that the data provided can not be contrasted with other sources, we must take skepticism with these statements.

On the other hand, information provided only a few weeks ago, confirmed that Google would be testing different variants of Pixel 2 with totally different specifications. Some of them incorporated Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 series processors, while other models integrated Intel chips inside.

In addition, the new devices would gain resistance to water and would have a camera that aims to be among the best, with a number of megapixels not too high, and numerous extra features to enhance the photographic experience.

In principle, the new Google Pixel 2 are planned for next October, so today known information can vary significantly until the presentation of these new devices is celebrated. However, we will remain attentive in order to offer you the latest news on the upcoming smartphones made by the tech giant Google.

So, what do you think about the possible removal of the headphone jack in the Google Pixel 2? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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