Google recently experimented a new feature in which Google Play store provokes users to uninstall apps if their storage is full. It also recommends apps that you rarely used to uninstall from your android device

Google Play Store Will Now Tell You Which Apps You Should Uninstall

Almost everybody faced the bothersome situation of running out of storage space on their android devices and it was never a pleasant feeling, especially if you are owning a smartphone that doesn’t have microSD card slot. Every android user must accept the fact that apps are really becoming huge. And some high-end games may consume up to 1.5GB of storage.

However, google just inaugurated the useful feature in Google Play store that will help you maintain your device’s storage efficiently. Google has just added a feature in Google play store that will suggest you to uninstall apps which you rarely or never use on your Android device.

On average, Android users have approximately 60 apps installed on his/her phone. And there come moments when users have to face the low internal storage capacity concerns. So with the latest feature, those game lovers can maintain their phone’s memory in a better way.

If we take a broader look onto google’s new features, if the app you are trying to download from google play store doesn’t meet the needed free space to install the app then you will be automatically greeted with “Not Enough Space” and will be suggested with apps that you can uninstall to free up some space.

Not Enough Space To Download The App
Not Enough Space To Download The App

The good part of this newly added feature is that it only suggests apps that we rarely used not like ordinary uninstall manager which shows up each and every app. Moreover, the feature also shows up the size of the apps.

This feature is currently not available to everyone because it’s only for experiment purposes and is only noticed on few selected groups who are using the beta versions. Google had not declared anything concerning when this unique features will be made public, but we can assume that it will be available soon.


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