Prisma is a great app that uses machine-learning algorithms to apply cool-looking filters to images. Artisto is also the same type of application but with extended support for Videos too, which is missing in Prisma.

With the Artisto app, you can now easily apply great filters to your videos that look cool, and you can hence make your videos look great. You can make these modifications directly on your device’s screen, and you won’t need any other device or program to do all that.

Just read this article to know all about how you can set this application on your device and then use it to make some great-looking videos with cool filters applied. So have a look at the complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Prisma Like App To Convert Video Into Art On Android

Using this app is very easy as this app doesn’t have any difficult methods and processes you must go through to create your awesome videos. Follow the steps below to make the video art on your android.

1. First, you need to download and install Artisto – Art Video Editor on your android.

2. Now open this app and then use your device’s camera to shoot your new video.

shoot your new video

3. After completing your video shoot, you can apply any amazing filters that appear on the screen automatically. Note that you can only shoot upto 10 seconds of video at the maximum time limit and not more than that.

4. After applying the desired filter to your videos from the different styles, you can share your video directly to any of your social media. You can also edit the existing videos on your device, but that should be of very short length as then only this app will work properly.

edit the existing videos

You might also want to save your filtered videos to local storage. That function is also not missing in this application as the videos automatically get saved on the local drive of your device even if you quit the application on behalf of the whole process.

save your filtered videos to local storage

That’s it. You are done. Now you have amazing videos with you using this app.

So above is all about Prisma Like App To Convert Video Into Art In Android. Although there is a time limit for the video length in this app still, this app could be great for making and sharing short high quality videos with great looks because of filters

If you are the one who loved the way how the Plasma app produced some great images with cool filters applied, then I’m sure that you shall love this app for making videos with the same kind of filter effects.